for Him.
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A written piece by glowyjin posted on commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

for Him.

The usually loud dorm sat quiet and neat.

The usual loud boys were out either dealing with school or practicing for their debut. Sadly the eldest Seokjin was at home resting his hurt neck.

Seokjin woke when the sound of the door opening and loud footsteps made their way through the house as well as his dor opening and a light pressure was added to his shoulder.

"Hi, hyung!" He recognized the cheery voice as Jimin. Seokjin opened his tired brown eyes and smiles softly at the boy who was slightly sweaty from a long day of practice.

"Hi, Jiminie-ah," Seokjin brushes a few strands away from the dark haired boys brow. Jimin pushed himself further into his hyung's soft touch.

"Are you hungry? How was your day?" Seokjin asks softly, sitting up to look at Jimin, who chuckled in response to his hyung's caring manners.

"Yes, I ate hyung, and my day was really good, we got through most of the dance today." Seokjin hummed and ran a hand through his dongsaeng's hair.

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