For An Albatross
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A written piece by hollowbirds (phantasticallyironic) adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

For An Albatross

Brendon was woken up by the bright sunlight streaming directly from the opened window, and squinted. He sat up, scratching the back of his head.

Last night had been great, but he didn’t think it would make for an actual relationship.

Pete wasn’t really the kind of guy you could have a sleepover with - unless the sleepover involved a lot of sex - and Brendon was okay with that.

Standing up, he tried to look for his shirt but quickly gave up when he realised that most of the floor was, in fact, covered in clothes.

Making his way to Pete’s closet, he opened it and found, regretfully, that most of Pete’s shirts were either too big or dirty.

Sighing, he managed to walk to the door without tripping on jeans or other unidentified pieces of clothing.

From what he saw, he had two choices: either ask Pete’s roommate for a t-shirt -Brendon believed they were about the same size,

though the other boy was slightly slimmer- or going to class shirtless, which, even though he didn’t mind,

was probably not the best idea as his teacher was a sixty-five year old man with an uncomfortably long beard.

Casually walking into the living room, he was welcomed by the sweet scent of coffee coming from the kitchen. Following the aroma, he saw Pete’s roommate making himself a bowl of cereal.

He had his back turned to Brendon, hair messy and a wrinkled burgundy t-shirt hanging on his frame.

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