Footprints on the Heart
Footprints on the Heart clint barton/tony stark stories

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A fiction by impishgrin adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Footprints on the Heart

In the nineteen years Phil had known Natasha Romanoff, he could still count on his fingers the number of occasions where she has shown herself to be emotionally compromised.

He only needed three fingers to count the number of

she had allowed to witness such vulnerability so arriving on the Helicarrier Bridge to find the Russian assassin on her knees and vomiting the contents of her stomach – which

were substantial since Bruce had been responsible for cooking breakfast that morning – on to the deck plating was cause for serious concern.

Bruce knelt beside his lover, ignoring the rest of the Bridge personnel and rubbing a soothing hand up and down Natasha’s back.

The scientist himself was taking on an unhealthy shade of green that was only partly due to his alter-ego while Steve and Tony looked furious.

All three men were forming as much of a shield as they could around their downed teammate and outright glaring at anyone who looked their way for too long.

Phil grabbed the nearest tech and ordered them to have a medic called to the Bridge with a mild antiemetic before grabbing a water bottle from the table and crouching down in front of

his ailing charge.

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