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Footie Fic Collection

Everyone in Madrid has their superstitions.

Cris has to put on his shin pads left and then right, and his boots the other way around.

Sergio has to make the sign of the cross before he goes onto the pitch.

Mesut murmurs a quiet prayer before every game.

As for Iker, he always touches the goal frame before the game starts, brushes his fingers against the strong white frame of the post.

Sergio laughs at him for this, teases him that he's like a rookie priest trying to perform a blessing, but Iker just ignores him or gives him a level glare.

Sometimes he simply says, "It helps me."

And during the game, when a shot comes off the crossbar or what looks like a certain goal rebounds off the upright, Iker breathes in relief and touches the post again,

thanks it for doing what he could not to save his team.

Maybe it's silly to do his little goal-touching ritual before games (sometimes he feels adventurous and hangs off the crossbar for a bit, thinks of easier days in his childhood,

of monkey bars and playground swings and not having to carry a world of pressure and expectations on his back),

but everyone has their superstitions and Iker thinks that his just might save the game someday.

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