Football Was a No-Go (And Drinking Was Too)
Football Was a No-Go (And Drinking Was Too) tim being a jackass stories

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Football Was a No-Go (And Drinking Was Too)

(Episode 3x06, “It Ain’t Easy Being J.D. McCoy”)

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They all thought he was kidding.

Tim Riggins, silent and brooding as he may be, was also known as quite the notorious smartass among friends, family and peers (and teachers and coaches and lord knows).

Jason and Herc laughed, loud and uproariously, at that mental image before quieting their chuckles and moving on. Jason cleared his throat and grabbed his damn list and it was business as usual.

Tim smirked and took a swig of his beer.

Billy scowled in the corner, folding his arms and pouting down at the wheelchair-bound former quarterback as he rattled off his list of construction (or deconstruction,

as the case was) tasks to be completed for that day. Business as usual.

They went about their day buying toilets, lifting ceilings, knocking walls down (or fooling around and bullshitting and drinking beer, more accurately, much to Jason’s irritation and dismay),

and they all forgot about Tim’s pithy mock-explanation.

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