Fool Me Twice
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A written piece by plateau adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Fool Me Twice

Cyrum’s bazaar was bright and buzzing with activity.

And as the three of them pushed through the crowd, with Millenia and Elena taking turns pulling him this way and that, Ryudo felt a sense of nostalgia was over him. Honestly, it was kind of odd.

Two years ago he’d been involved in a series of events that had culminated in a brief episode of Hell on Earth, and honestly he still had trouble thinking about it sometimes.

But even though his last visit to the festival had been in the middle of all of that chaos, at the moment he was finding it to be a pleasant (if… complicated) memory.

It was strange to push through the general hustle and bustle, with everything (including himself) so different and yet so familiar.

Things began to feel a little bit too familiar, however, when Millenia and Elena both, laughing and breathless, plopped themselves onto a bench and asked Ryudo to go get them drinks.

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