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Foe Yay

'You heard what Scout's been running around telling everybody, Spy?'

The BLU Spy looked up from his cigarette case. The Engineer was always doing this, trying to engage him in conversation. He really didn't know why the man bothered.

The Spy wasn't known for being friendly, even with his own team.

'No, I have not. I've never known anything he wishes to share to be worth listening to.'

'Well, it might just be this time.'

The Engineer had a faintly smug look on his face. It was the type that you saw when someone knew something you didn't and was enjoying holding it over you.

The Spy should know, it was practically his default expression.

He snapped the case he was holding closed and tucked it away into his jacket. That was as long as it took for the other man to give in and tell him.

'He says he overheard the RED Spy and Medic talking about the new replacements they're getting.'

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