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Kondoi Beach, Taketomi-jima Japan

Kaname Chidori stood at the water’s edge in one of the many hidden bays on the island of Kondoi. Mithril had dropped her and Sousuke off to lead a group of terrorists away from Taketomi-jima.

Tessa had made the decision when it was clear it wasn’t Amalgam after them.

Mao had been the one to pack her clothes, which Kaname didn’t understand why that was necessary when she had her clothes already in a suitcase.

Kaname looked down at the bathing suit she was wearing and growled.

The top was less than skimpy; it didn’t really cover her breasts at all. The white cotton gleamed in the sun against her tan and Kaname didn’t want to get it wet.

She was afraid it would turn clear.

At least the cloth was prettily shaped, almost like sea shells, even if they really only covered her nipples. The bottom triangle was just wide enough to cover her vagina; the back was a thong.

Kaname was grateful she kept her pubic hair neatly trimmed.

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