Flying The Friendly Skies
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Flying The Friendly Skies

Flying high in the Raptora Mark VI combat suit, the stinging air in her face and the heat of the jump jets scorching her back through the armor.

It was the first action she’d seen since she was with the militaryand she was blowing as many things up as she could, watching as refugees and soldiers scurried to and fro,

protected only by her bird’s-eye view and as many rockets as she carried with her.

Blast after blast cleared a path to a greater victory, a greater peace and order in the world as she descended upon what looked to be the enemy’s leader: a giant omnic,

bipedal with more rockets than Pharah had and an attitude just as large.

She discarded the spent cylinder from her launch and locked in a new one, the launcher’s mechanism clamping into place as a small click was heard in her helmet.

She was weapons ready just as the omnic leveled two giant rocket pods towards a group of soldiers, fellow Egyptians like her, and she slowly descended in front of it.

Her jump jets burned loudly, the metal around it red hot as she kept level and aimed her launcher with both hands towards what passed for the robot’s face.

Impersonal, almost lifeless recognizers not unseen on programmed vacuum cleaners and household appliances.

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