Fly, Die, Repeat
Fly, Die, Repeat sugar plum fairy (strange magic) stories

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Fly, Die, Repeat

I remember the televisions' blaring static. I kept it on in hope that someone would get through it. When they did, fear ensued.

Meteors, bright lights in the sky with an orange glow from the fire of entering our atmosphere, were falling out of the sky in Germany. Something crawled out and began attacking.

I remember constantly checking the news for more info about the attacks in Europe. Checking them for five years. Five years of spreading death. Millions dead.

These creatures advanced across countries. Nothing can stop them. They mimic and anticipate our actions. Government officials have made it out of Europe at least.

Politics can still reign unaffected.

I remember the day Dawn left to help with the cause against the enemy. They needed a medic and someone with her doctorate in biology and physics. She was their gal.

My only family left was now part of the war effort. Last I heard of her was when she was at Whitehall in London helping the general.

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