Fly By Night
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Fly By Night

Boxes, hardwood flooring, pristine walls of a cream color ready to be filled, rooms full of more boxes, and soon a living room that is trashed with tape wads, a couch,

and my loving fiancé on his hands and knees working a box cutter. I was taking in the new surroundings still as I stepped passed the doorway to the long hall.

I had been working in the office trying to divide our things between the two spaces we were going to have when I unpacked my camera.

"Baby," I casually say waiting for him to glance up to me. His hair is more of an unruly mess, being even longer than when he had proposed back in November.

"Oh my god, hun, now?" Danny shook his head smiling before swiftly cutting loose another box with the tool in hand. He rolled up the wad and tossed it aside as well.

His white 'Red Hot Chili Peppers' shirt should had been covered in sweat, but with his 'magic superpower', I called it,

a ton of his shirts that had been worn during the moving process remained intact. He glanced up as I remained pointing the camera at him while smiling behind it.

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