Fluttering Changes
Fluttering Changes falling in love stories

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fan work by yamazakiwolf adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Fluttering Changes

“Ouch!” Chidori shrieked when Nico accidently dropped the ice bag on her ankle. She shrugged before relishing in the cold sensation.

Nico looked pleased to see that and soon disappeared from the room.

For some time, Chidori sat alone in the room, reflecting on the night’s events; How Kacchon acknowledged the pain she endured whenever he was beaten.

How he carried her back to the house… she was sure that he understood her. And he maybe could connect with her again. And maybe….

The image of Sonozaki suddenly flashed before her eyes. She covered her face, holding back the tears.

The rising sun shined through the tall forest trees as morning soon approached. Outside the room, subtle noises could be heard. The others were probably getting ready for this day’s chores.

Chidori would like to help as well. But she had no means of walking really so currently she was stuck until the door opened.

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