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fan work by lonelylittlelights adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


He’s adjusting the backpack on his shoulder when he turns the corner and sees her standing in front of the door.

He wonders briefly if he’s supposed to be surprised, but he’s not really, so he just keeps walking, noting the way her fingers are tapping anxiously against her thigh.

He’s only about ten feet away from her when she reaches up to run a hand through her hair, sighing and turning away from the door towards him.

She startles when she sees him – Mouse forgets sometimes that he, like Jay,

has never managed to break the habit of turning himself into a ghost; forgets that while he and Jay are so accustomed to each other that they don’t need footsteps to know the other is coming,

others aren’t always so alert.

“Mouse, hi.

” Her voice is surprised too, too high, pitching up at the end, but somehow he thinks it has less to do with not hearing him come up behind her and more to do with not expecting to see him here.

He didn’t miss the way her eyebrows drew together slightly when she saw him. A little burn flickers inside him at that.

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