Flowers Grow from Thunder
Flowers Grow from Thunder middle east stories

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Flowers Grow from Thunder

When Hani sent me home after the safe house debacle, I was mad as hell.

I was afraid my work in Amman was finished, and thought Hoffman was crazy when he said that Hani liked me so much he’d have me back before long.

And he enjoyed the hell out of the ‘my dear’ thing. Of course he never bothered to understand the language, it’s a common phrase among friends, it just translates that way.

Hoffman never got it. He never spent any time here, not really. The asshole never left the comfort of his suburban Virginia life or posh hotel. For an intelligence officer he was pretty stupid.

In order to get this culture you have to live it.

Yeah, he still tries to get me to work for him. That ship sailed long ago. But I’ll give Ed credit for spotting something. I didn’t believe him. Not then.

In this business, the hardest thing is choosing your loyalties. For Hoffman, it was too easy. He’d do you right while you were useful. Then he’d cut you loose.

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