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A written piece by ooka adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

floating point exception

When a developer needs to figure out something that has gone wrong, the use a computer program called debugger to help them discover what has gone wrong with their program.

It's the first step any developer takes when trying to fix a problem.

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Tony lays there in Siberia, aching from every inch of his body. His false rib cage is broken.

The suit is still powered, running at close to 38%, but the list of different systems damaged, or in need of repairs requires scrolling.

"Boss," FRIDAY whispers in his ear. "I've sent a helicopter to your location."

"There was a moment," he says, dazed. His vision is blurry. "Before Ultron but after Manhattan, where I thought, maybe all this could work."

But Tony keeps forgetting his first instinct, the one that has him reaching for the scotch, the one that can sketch a fully functional design for a new gun when he lets his thoughts wander,

usually isn't the right one.

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