Flexing Those Muscles
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Flexing Those Muscles

You didn’t know how you got here.

Mirrors treadmills, elliptical machines, all sorts of strength equipment, flat-screen TV’ s all align the walls. Speakers are blaring the latest American Top 40 singles.

Classes are being offered left and right. Bars are offering the latest smoothie or sport drink. Boutiques are offering sweat absorbent and high efficient products for better performance.

The atmosphere is energetic but yet smelly.

That’s right. You were at a gym.

Yes, a gym! Out of the places to be, this was not where you’d like to spend your Saturday mornings.

Instead of exercising, you’d stay outside and bury your nose in the latest history book available on the market.

Which is why you keep on asking yourself the same important questions over and over again.

How did you get here? Or in your case, how you did you get draggedhere? You asked yourself the question and didn’t know the question either. What a great mix!

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