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A work by fobby adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


The sensation of footprints in the earth below... whiskers prodding into earthen walls... the scent of grass wafting in from the passage to the left.

It was these things that guided the little blue lump of spikes attempting to press forward from the depths of the burrow.


She stumbled and fell forward, stunned for a moment, but soon regained her bearings and got up.

Flattening out her ears and shaking a few small spines loose, she continued on, grumbling softly about the dumb ledge that tripped her up.

Her annoyance was quickly pushed out of her mind after catching a whiff of dew from the end of the tunnel, and more importantly, spotted a faint light marking the moon outside.

The little creature crept up the claustrophobic tunnel little-by-little, with nary a peep, and reached a reed-woven mat just beyond its opening. There, she took a quick inventory.

Four legs, two ears, two protruding teeth at the end of her muzzle. No scratches or loose barbs from her clumsy trek up the tunnel...

well, none that would worry her more than her mother, anyhow. From the light of the heavens above, she could verify that her fur was still a light blue.

Yep, she had all the markings of a healthy, if still rather young Nidoran.

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