Flash and Snow
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Flash and Snow

Central City, Jitters, October 2012


Barry Allen was in line, watching the TV. It was some news report about some billionaire found on a deserted island.

Barry looks at the time and sees it's about time for him to leave for work so he turns and promptly bumps into someone.

That someone was holding a coffee cup and stopped it, which was how Barry's shirt got ruined.

"Oh my god, I am so sorry!" The someone-an attractive Caucasian women around his age, maybe a little older, with dark brown, not quite brunette hair and hazel-green eyes.

"It's fine, really," Barry said, picking up a napkin from a nearby table and trying to clean up his shirt, "so, do you usually spill coffee on strangers, or am I special?"

"Like I said, I'm so sorry," the woman said, laughing slightly at his joke, "Is there anyway I could make this up to you?"

"Yeah, could you give me a lift to the police station? I kind of work there." Barry said.

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