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Fix the Sky a Little

If you are reading this anywhere other than my (theundeadsiren) tumblr, AO3 or livejournal, then please

, including a link to where you found it, so I can take steps to have it removed. For a list of people given permission to use parts of my works, please see

Thank you for respecting my wishes

Rick’s first awareness was of waking from a nightmare.

Snatches of clinical whiteness pushed at his mind, pain and fear and oppressive silence still clinging to him as he fought to regain consciousness,

piece by piece coming back to reality and trying to relax as he placed the terror that had gripped him, banishing it from his thoughts.

It had just been a dream, he told himself; a long, nightmarish dream, which had somehow started long ago, in the desert,

with grainy sand and the taste of blood filling his mouth as pain tore through him.

Rick jerked awake, adrenaline coursing through his veins as he sat bolt upright, hyperventilating. He felt awake.

Everything was telling him that he was awake, but he was still trapped in the nightmare, in that clinical room. He couldn’t hear himself.

He was calling out in terror, but his voice made no sound. It just tore at his throat, bringing tears to his eyes.

The tubes attached to him that he clawed at hurt as he tried to tear them free in a blind panic, desperately wanting to be rid of the intrusions, to be free of this nightmare.

Someone started moving towards him across the small, sterile room, in a way that felt threatening and frightening.

Hands were on him, trying to push him down still his movement, willing him to give in and accept his fate. He fought to push them away. Another figure crossed the room.

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