Five Years Time
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Five Years Time

Sybil wraps her hands around the mug of tea in front of her with a happy sigh at the warmth, her gloves laying neatly on the table beside her,

just far enough away to be relatively safe should any spills occur.

She looks up at her current companion, meeting his eyes for a short moment before they both turn to scan the streets leading to the café they sat outside,

searching for the third addition to their party.

“She’s not usually this late.”

“Red’s a big girl, I’m sure she’s just gotten distracted by something on the way and lost track of time,

” The sound of a voice that had over the last year become significantly more tolerable to her made her look at her companion again,

finding him watching her with his brow lightly furrowed as he thought about what may be holding Red up.

Sybil leans her head on one of her hands, lips twitching up into a small grin. “True. Or this might be another one of her plots to make us get along better. You never know with her.”

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