Five Things Ben Doesn't Do
Five Things Ben Doesn't Do five things stories

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Five Things Ben Doesn't Do

Ben Doesn’t usually swear.

Really, he doesn’t. Except for that one time, of course.

He'd been in the test kitchen all morning working on a new recipe. Ben had expressed his lack-of-confidence to all of them when it came to making the new dessert and he wanted to get it perfect.

From the sounds of it, he was in the middle of his second attempt when there was a crash.

Followed by a loud, "FUCK!"

Barry and Mike exchanged looks before running over.

"Ben, you okay? What happen- oh."

A broken dish and smashed dessert was all over the floor.

"I'm fine." Ben growled as he started to clean up.

Mike knelt down to help him.

"I'll get the broom," Barry said.

It wasn’t long before Jamie and James showed up too to help not only clean, but help with the recipe. Third time's the charm.

Ben doesn’t cry.

He'll admit, he's a bit of a sap, but he doesn't cry.

But that same day that the new dessert kept failing, when he broke the pan, Ben lost it.

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