Five Nights at Freddy's AU: Facing the past
Five Nights at Freddy's AU: Facing the past au story stories

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Five Nights at Freddy's AU: Facing the past

Freddy Fazbear Pizza closed permanently after a terrible fire and would seem to be that forever. But only a year later, a small restaurant opens, having the exact same name. People are curious.

Why would they open the place again, especially after when the three other locations have been forced to close thanks to horrible incidents as the disappearing of children.

And yet, here it is; a new location. The new owner, though.

The owner of the three other locations has been an elderly man, he stepped down at the last location, let his two right-hand men take the ownership,

he died not long after the last restaurant burned down in the fire and rumors said his two right-hand men both disappeared without a trace.

So surely no one would take the company with all the bad rumors around it. And yet, someone apparently was either brave or stupid enough to take the ownership of the company.

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