Five Finger Exercise
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Five Finger Exercise

It isn't their usual kind of sparring that Ronon needs, but there's power-play none-the-less.

It's a win-win situation for everyone, or make that a win-win-

situation. He and Rodney get to try something they've both wanted, but neither had voiced fully. Maybe they were scared of ruining the perfect balance between them.

John knows that Ronon needs this to replace whatever demons he associates with enclosed spaces.

He could insist that Dex see Dr Heightmeyer, but he doesn't think Ronon would go for it. He's more of a hands on kind of guy. Actions beat words any day.

"You aren't alone anymore. You aren't stuck, and you aren't running." John pushes him into a storage room.

It's filled with sundries from the last Daedelus run, and there's barely room for the two of them, much less Rodney, who's already there, hiding behind some boxes,

ready to enjoy the show as much as John is ready to perform.

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