Five Degrees To The Right
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Five Degrees To The Right

Makoto's five years old when he first understands that Alphas and Omegas are different, and what that really means.

He's visiting Grandma Nanase's house just up the steps,

which is now just the Nanase house in general because recently her son moved back from Tokyo with his wife and son to pursue a job opportunity and take care of Grandma Nanase in her waning years.

Their son is Nanase Haruka, five months older than Makoto, and an Alpha, his father says.

When he was told, Makoto had simply smiled and nodded, because that didn't really mean anything to him.

He'd never felt any differences in his other peers, other than the ones called Alphas were usually in the front of groups and Omegas in the back of groups and that's just how things were.

Makoto's an Omega, his parents say, and he just nods more because his parents are right about everything, but he doesn't understand what it really means.

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