Firth and Foremost
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Firth and Foremost

Colin Firth paced back and forth like the trapped lion we all know he is. He was both passionate and upset, which is why he was wandering around outside the director's office.

He knew it would come to this. Four months ago, when he had won the role of James Bond, he was passionate and overjoyed.

The celebrations had lasted for weeks, and he'd developed a nagging feeling in the back of his brain, right under his charm gland,

that his upstanding dedication to artistic perfection would ruin it all.

Of course, he'd pushed in down deep inside like a sandwich, smiled for the photographers and said all the most passionate things.

His livelihood was based on sales of Colin Firth's Patented Buoyancy Neutral Hair Gel, which was a fashion dream too fantastic to be profitable.

In short, he was going in hard because he was hard up.

Filming on "Mansfield Casino" had begun two weeks ago,

and the relationship between cast and crew had quickly deteriorated to the point where they were putting rat poison into each other's coffee.

It wasn't all fun and games though, bad glances were exchanged illicitly and at one point a grip had accused Colin.

Boiling point was reached earlier that day, when during a scene involving James Bond at a Casino, Colin Firth simply couldn't.

He had stormed out like a bad cloud and flipped a car in the parking lot. A fight had occurred between two cameramen, both of whom started filming the fight.

That was the final straw that broke the camel's toe, which is how Colin now found himself waiting aggressively for the director to see him.

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