First, We Need A Free Trip to Las Vegas
First, We Need A Free Trip to Las Vegas penn jillette stories

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fan work by argyleasterisks adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

First, We Need A Free Trip to Las Vegas

The camera starts blurry, then focuses on a smaller man with shifty eyes and shiftier hands,

wearing a short sleeved white button down and tight black jeans that could conceal very little other than his legs.

He produces a deck of cards and riffles them, offering the camera a grin that changes his face from quite unmemorable to outright charming.

"I'm Locke Lamora, and this is my partner, Jean Tannen."

The camera goes out of focus again and is hastily turned to show a blurry glimpse of a bearded, bespectacled man with an amused expression, then turns back to Locke.

He produces another deck of cards and shuffles the two together, then begins flicking cards into the air with one hand.

With the other, he plucks at the flying cards and each one seems to disappear into thin air.

"We're traveling ah, street magicians, originally from the United Kingdom, and go by the moniker the Gentlemen Bastards.

We've never actually worked on a stage and with all the lights and cameras before-" A polite cough that sounds like it is definitely muffling a laugh sounds and Locke's eyes brighten,

"-but we're quite certain that even with that small inexperience, we can fool misters Penn and Teller."

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