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first night / last night

The night air is cold and dry against her skin as Argilla makes her way outside.

It's a tense night, as tomorrow they commence taking over the Solids' base, so it's no wonder she's so jittery and escapes outside for some relief.

Jinana, too, is taking a breather, seated on the stone bench, one leg over the other. Unexpected, but Argilla doesn't mind the company as much as she would have minded anyone else.

"Hello, Jinana."

Argilla makes her presence known in as friendly a fashion as she can.

She's always felt some sort of kinship with the other woman; despite the difference in their stations she always felt close to Leader Maribel. Perhaps it was due to them both being women?


The leader acknowledges her presence with a cool nod and something like a smile.

"You… can't sleep either?"

Argilla pushes out an enquiry. Jinana's hand twitches toward her stomach, as if by reflex, although her expressions remain neutral.

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