First Meeting
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First Meeting

There's a truce at the table, at least until the talks are over. Sean doesn't try to slip past anyone's shields, not even the new guy guarding Neeson and his wife. The new guy's

, about six feet of lean muscle under a tailored suit, and David's had to give Sean a mental nudge twice to keep Sean's mind on the negotiations.

The Neesons want more territory than the Wenhams are willing to trade for, which is par for the course with them.

This is all really a setup for a better negotiation down the road,

just a matter of both families feeling each other out and seeing if they can guess--without the benefit of psi--what the other one


It's a challenge, and it's entertainment, but it's also a waste of time, so eventually Sean and David stand up, Liam and Carrie-Anne take to their feet, the bodyguards shuffle everyone out,

and Sean's left wondering what the new guy's name is.

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