First Meeting
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First Meeting

Kai always looked back fondly on the memory of meeting Gareth for the first time. He wasn't really sure why- apart from the fact that Gareth was everything that someone could want in a friend.

He was smart, gentle, mischievous, devious, gentle, compassionate, caring and highly passionate.


"Where are we going then?" Eve had demanded.

With a sigh, Burn replied, "A friend of mine got the part of Ianto and I told the director that I was going to take you lot to see him."

"Is he going to be okay with us all turning up a his house?" Scott questioned.

Burn grinned as he replied, "Absolutely!!"

Kai gazed in awe at the house in front of them as they pulled up outside.

It was in a semi-circle shape with the ground floor being made up entirely of glass windows while the top half was bamboo.

As we walked up to the front door and knocked, it was opened by a little girl with ebony hair that curled slightly at the shoulders,

wide sky blue eyes and a slightly upturned button nose with a slender and lean stature.

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