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A story by crazycatlady89 adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

First Beat

Girls could definitely dance with other girls.

This is the nineties, they’re not in some backwater bible belt state were cousins take each other to prom.

This is Los Angeles and Jacqueline Kennedy High is barely a stone’s throw from West Hollywood. Here people only take their cousins to prom if they are extremely hot, or famous.

They see gay people all the time.

Harrison's own mother is a lesbian for gods sake.

When Brooke burst back out the backdoor she felt high on her own daring.

Sam was lighting her third cigarette.

She looked guilty about it but Brooke didn’t care, Sam had enough bad habits to warrant a lifetime of arguments between them, most of which they had already had once.

That part of their life was over.

It was time to move forward..

The blonde snagged the cigarette taking a long seductive drag, trying her best not to cough or tear up when the acrid smoke filled her lungs.

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