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A written piece by meloncitrus (grandmelon) adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


He wasn’t sure what set it off, like an alarm ringing in his ears and pumping adrenaline into his blood. That afternoon had been like any other.

The sun lighting up the hardwood floor, their room hot but not stagnant as air flowed in from outside.

They had been sitting on his bed, sharing a local newspaper with words of their final race of the season written in great detail.

Their arms had brushed together and Rin felt a shiver run up his spine, Sousuke’s skin pulsating with heat but dry and soft, unlike Rin’s clammy hands.

He remembered how impossibly close they were, shoulders touching, heads in each other’s space, laughing at the small text in front of them.

He wasn’t sure what set it off, but when he turned to look at Sousuke and saw his soft smile he felt his heart trying to break free from his ribcage.

His breath stopped and Sousuke must have heard, he was sure of it, because then he looked at him and they were so close their noses could have touched.

Rin felt the tickle of his own hair on his cheek as he stared into Sousuke’s eyes, deep and gorgeous, unwaveringly gazing back.

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