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A fiction by inkbender adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


“I really don’t know, Uraraka. You sure you’re not moving things too fast?”

“Kirishimaaa! You sound like my mom!”

Kirishima flops over, mindless of the sand sticking to his sweat-soaked back, and wheezes out a breathless laugh—because

, are normal people supposed to hold hour-long conversations during hour-long morning runs? “Hun, Mommy just doesn’t want to lose the best roommate ever to Froppy the Brutally Honest Amphibian.”

Unwilling to dirty her backside with beach dirt, Uraraka settles for squatting next to his head. “You only love me for my food.” She doesn’t even sound out of breath.

He tilts his head back to flash his best shit-eating, sharp-toothed grin at her.

“I wouldn’t have woken up at the butt-crack of dawn to join you on your seaside jog if there wasn’t some sort of delicious compensation included.”

She laughs and pats his belly comfortingly. “Your stomach will just have to deal with being all hollow and empty inside till we get back to the apartment.” She springs jauntily back to her feet.

“Com’on, break time’s over!”

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