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“Dude, I’ve literally never lit a fire before.”

“Then it’s about time.”

Newt sighed heavily and shot a rather annoyed glance at the fireplace, where there was

– no fire, no firewood. For some reason, Hermann expected that Newt would be the one to fix it. And while he was pretty good at

things, like digging around in kaiju (when they still were around), and playing his keyboard; making fires was… Well, it wasn’t one of the thingshe actually knew how to do. And he hated that.

“But you know how to do it!” He whined, not even wanting to get out of the warm couch, where he’d wrapped his legs together with Hermann’s (after kicking off his shoes, of course).

Even if the room was cold, the couch they were lying in was warm and soft, so they didn’t

need the fireplace anyway. “And I’m really comfy right now anyway!”

Hermann snorted lightly, without even bothering to look down at him. It seemed like the book was terribly important for Hermann; he hadn’t put it down for days.

All the time he read in it – on the bed, while cooking, while Newt watched his movies… Newt didn’t

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