Fire Meet Gasoline
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Fire Meet Gasoline

Bea Smith had been working for the Metropolitan Fire Brigade for twelve years now.  The last five of these she had spent as Station Manager here at Wentworth fire station in Melbourne.

She was responsible for teal watch, a motley crew that she had come to respect over the years, seeing each and every one as family, although she was closer to some than others.

Franky Doyle was her second in command, a lively, confident, dark haired woman who was full of bravado, covered in ink and loved to charm the ladies, usually successfully.

They had clashed when Bea first arrived at Wentworth nine years ago, almost coming to blows on a few occasions.

Over time they had grown close, Bea finding Franky to be fiercely loyal and protective of anyone she saw as her family.

They had established a good friendship over the years, Franky affectionately nicknaming her ‘Red’, in reference to Bea’s flame coloured hair.

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