Fire is Catching
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Fire is Catching

Beetee finishes laying out the plan for all of us and tells Johanna and Katniss they will be the ones to take the wire down to the water.

My pulse quickens, “I want to go with them as a guard.” I say, my eyes locking on Katniss', I can't let her out of my sight, not after our conversation over the pearl.

“You're too slow.” Beetee says and I swing my head around to look over at him. “Besides, I'll need you on this end. Katniss will guard, there's no time to debate this. I'm sorry.

If the girls are to get out of there alive, they need to move now.” He says, handing the coil of wire to Johanna.

He's right, I know he is, out of all of us, Beetee’s injuries notwithstanding, I am the slowest.

Even though I know how right this sounds, I still don't like it, I will have to trust Beetee, which I do, not as much as Katniss seems to, but I do.

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