Fire Emblem: Retained Memories (Hiatus)
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A story by tatsuichiyo adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Fire Emblem: Retained Memories (Hiatus)

He was dreaming.

This wasn't a big surprise, he always dreamed when he slept. Sometimes he dreamed of fire, other times he saw great battles.

Most times though, all he ever saw was darkness, though he could still hear screams and cries. No matter what he dreamt though, it was always hazy.

Like looking at the events through a fog, barely visible except for a few rare moments.

He never really paid attention to the dreams though, he'd forget them as soon as he awoke, but this time things were different.

This time things were clear.

Well, clear as things could be in a dream. He was in some hall, he could tell that much. Across the hall, a tall dark figure stood there, staring at him with disgust in it's eyes.

Next to him stood a being of what seemed like pure light, and just to look at him hurt his eyes. The only thing he could clearly make out was what looked like a Mark of Naga.

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