Fire Emblem Awakening Families
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A short story by tigereyes45 adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Fire Emblem Awakening Families

The Taguel Legend

It began with him. The day she joined the army and saw him fight so valiantly.

She didn't even notice him watching her in the heat of that battle or every battle after that till he approached her.

"Hey Panne! Do ya got a sec?

" At first she had been insulted by him telling her not to run off during battle but she had soon discovered why he had been so concerned and asked her not to run ahead or fall behind in battle.

He wanted to fight side by side with her. He wanted to show her that friends were different then just being human or taguel.

It is to the sound of leaves crunching that she leave her memories and smiles when he appears. "Mornin Panne." He says as he sets his ax down.

"Was there any luck today?" She asks but then catches the scent of Risen. She then took notice of the blacking, rust color blood on his ax. This would not be good news.

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