Fire Emblem Awakening ::Noble Remembrance::
Fire Emblem Awakening  ::Noble Remembrance:: lucina stories

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A short story by roadtodusk adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Fire Emblem Awakening ::Noble Remembrance::

Do you remember?

When you first met her? You’ve mentioned her once before.

You promised to tell us the story Soren, we’ve all been waiting for this. You haven’t told us much about how you got here, this supposed war you were involved in.

It was a blur where he ended up running. He just remembered fleeing, with no chance of ever running back.

Something was haunting him, something was trying to grab him and relinquish him of all his self-control.

His body consorted in violent twists, feeling his mind shatter and rip apart in a strange grip.

He groaned faintly, wishing for his eyes to fly open, to take him away from this nightmarish reality.

He remembered—falling—he fell at some point when this nightmare began. What about before; what was he doing beforehand?

“Chrom, we have to do something,” The voice grabbed his attention, focusing on the young female’s innocent remark.

“Oh, so what do you propose?” A male, no, it wasn’t foreign to him, it sounded familiar in fact. It couldn’t have been the same man from the dream. Wait, was it a dream? Yes….it had to be.

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