Findings and decisions
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A fan work by split adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Findings and decisions

When Colonel Everett Young opened his eyes, he didn’t feel rested at all. He and Camille had been joking that three years in stasis would be more than enough rest.

But the stasis pod had obviously not only frozen his bodily functions but also his exhaustion. It felt like he had just said goodbye to Rush and Eli.

With a deep breath he shook off a slight feeling of confusion, caused by his awakening from the stasis, and stepped out of the small chamber.

It was silent around him and only the stasis pod and the emergency light offered dim illumination.

Were they already there?

Why was he the only one awake?

Shouldn’t the ship have powered up everything before they woke?

There had been a specified order for the waking.

After all, Eli had programmed…


Young’s heart stumbled and then beat faster as he remembered the young man, who had been so convinced of his own skills that he had taken the place in the last pod.

Knowing that failure would mean his death.

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