Finding the way home
Finding the way home earth 2 (tv 1994) stories

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Finding the way home

This was so much fun to write,

and is set after Brave New Pacifica because we all know the reason John punched Alonzo ;) Also I kept Pegasus around since I am an avid horse lover and have a hard time picturing

a lone horse surviving on a foreign planet, so he made his way back to the group and has been there most of the journey.

Besides anyone who as done their research can tell you that horses were the first real ATV’s and could get to and go places vehicles can’t.

Her thighs tighten on his shoulders, heels digging into his sides like he is that shankin’ horse of her sons. “Almost… there.”

Her voice is strained and breathy, her position letting Danziger feel every tremor and shift in the muscles of her legs as they cage his head.

Keeping a firm grip on the spot just above her knees he wonders if she is a aware of how much she is driving him crazy.

The smell of the ocean clean and salty has got nothing on the delicious scent of the woman clinging to his broad shoulders.

How she managed to maintain it all these months into their trek across the continent he didn’t know,

but when she stood close enough he felt like he could breathe her in for the next few decades if she let him. “Would you hurry up Adair? I got things to do back at the biodome.

” He growls shifting in place to more evenly displace her weight.

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