Finding My Way Back to You
Finding My Way Back to You friendship stories

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A written piece by elly3981 adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Finding My Way Back to You

These were the last words Izlude Tingel heard before his world became silent,

a deathly hush falling over him just as surely as the darkness once the demon Hashmalum had destroyed his vision only moments before.

Moments, during which, the life he had known had been upended...and then cut short.

Just as his last words left his mouth, what little sensation remaining to him was stolen away as a heavy coldness settled over his entire body,

causing his slumped form to go slack and his ravaged eyes to close for the last time.

Moments later - or perhaps decades, he couldn't tell which - the chill seemed to thaw by the barest degree.

Stranger still, the bloodied sockets that had once been his eyes somehow saw light intruding upon the gloom.

The young knight blade soon found himself, to his amazement, upright and whole...but, not quite.

As he stared at his hands, he could see partway through gauntlet, flesh, and bone to the bloodied stones of Riovanes Castle.

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