Finding Hope
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Finding Hope

Jensen stared at the thick stack of papers before he wiped his hand down his beard. He could feel the sting of tears, but they wouldn't come now.

He had cried for a long time when he'd been served the divorce papers; Daneel no longer wanted to be married to him, no longer wanted to be there when he would come home.

Jensen took a deep breath before he read over everything.

Since his name was the only name on the house she didn't ask for anything but that she get ninety percent child custody of JJ and Jensen would get her every other weekend.

He looked over everything else and then grabbed the pen, signing his name next to the X. Jensen lifted his head to look at his soon-to-be ex wife and his baby girl, sitting on her mother's lap.

There were tears in her eyes as she lowered them before they all stood, Jensen stepping into Daneel's arms as JJ tugged on his shirt.

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