Finding His Way Home
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Finding His Way Home

When Sutan finds him, Tommy is a mess.

It’s the Spring Moon. Tommy’s had to run all night since he can’t hide his scent when he’s in wolf form. He’s tried many times before, even though he’s aware that it’s hopeless.

He has to try, though. If only so it will make him feel like he can protect himself. Otherwise, his only defense is to run.

The sun is coming up, so very fucking slowly. Tommy knows that weres everywhere are watching it, saluting the end of the old year and the beginning of the new one. He wishes he were too.

Instead, he’s hiding in the middle of nowhere.

He thinks he lost the pack that was hunting him at some point in the middle of the night, but he can’t take any chances. He kept running long past the point of exhaustion.

He hasn’t changed back to his human form yet. Hopefully, once the day starts and the weres go back home, he can go and get his clothes, if he can remember where he left them.

He doesn’t remember much that happened after the panic kicked in.

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