Find Ourselves Some Truth
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Find Ourselves Some Truth

It’s only a 10-block walk from his apartment to the VA, and normally it’s a walk he enjoys.

It gives him time to sip his coffee and clear his head; the first is a requirement to function, and the second is much the same, these days.

It’s the nation’s capital, and it’s fall, and that’s a combination pleasing in both its aesthetics and the much-welcome drop in temperature.

The first day he could drag his much-loved leather jacket out of the closet without fear of spontaneous combustion was a good day indeed.

Except today, it’s raining, and TJ Hammond is a man without an umbrella.

He could pick up his pace, but he’s not in a hurry, and the cool rain is almost soothing as it hits his neck and rolls lazily down his back.

The rain started when he was halfway down his block, and he could’ve gone back, sure,

and he could still snag an overpriced umbrella from one of the sellers that appears on the corner every time it rains.

But it’s weirdly grounding as the rain pings gently on his skin, and TJ finds himself laughing.

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