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Find Me

Obi-Wan is shaking. Why is this happening? Why can he see the truth only now, as his love, his partner in this cosmic dance, lies dying on the field of battle?

"What can I do?" he whispers, stroking hair out of the boy's face with bloody, shaking fingers.

The young security guard, shot during the invasion of the palace by Obi-Wan's military unit, sighs, his eyes slipping closed. “Just hold me.

” His voice is rueful, like he knew this was how it would happen. Maybe this is how it always happens.

Obi-Wan doesn't know; he is freshly awakened to the reality of their eternal existence together, and he doesn't have any past memories to draw on.

Obi-Wan cradles him close, heart aching as it swells with a desperate tenderness. “How... how will I find you again?”

The boy laughs bitterly; it sticks in his throat and he begins coughing, blood dribbling over his lip.

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