Finally Love
Finally Love jensen ackles/misha collins/original female character(s) stories

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Finally Love

Dr. Ty Olsson smiled as he walked into his office where the alpha couple were waiting for him to gather a few files of littles. “Well, Mr. Ackles and Mr.

Collins I've gotten a few files for you that I think would be good fits. You said you wanted a part time little who would potentially want an adult relationship with you as well correct?”

Mr. Collins nodded “that's right, and please, Misha and Jensen is just fine.” He grinned.

Ty nodded “okay good. Shall I go over them with you before you decide if you want to meet any of them? If none of them seem like they would be the right fit there are others we can look at.”

Jensen nodded and looked at his mate “yeah, let's talk about the options.”

Ty began walking through the files with the alphas until he got to the last file. “Now, this last one, her name is Emma Evans.

She is an omega and submissive when it comes to the bedroom but not in much more.

” He chuckled “she is strictly non-sexual when she is little however would like to have an adult sexual relationship with her caregivers.

She is an astronomy and astrophysics professor at the university, where you work Jensen. She has been looking for permanent caregivers for about four years now.”

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