Final battle
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A fiction by madangel19 adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Final battle

They had been fighting for what felt like hours. The nightmare monsters never stopped and they were relentless.

Everyone was starting to get weaker and weaker while the Necrostar only got stronger and stronger.

Rabbit looked around in a panic at her friends and allies.

Scarla and Salgexicon held on to each other as they muttered chants that created a forcefield that protected everyone from some of the Necrostar's monsters.

Ravaxis held what remained of Booplax in his arms. He wept as he tried to shoot at multiple shadow monsters that tried to drag Booplax away.

Gidget guarded Ravaxis, shooting into the nightmares relentlessly. Bits and pieces of Jumbo floated freely around everyone, painting space in a deadly red sea of blood.

Bessie, the undead minotaur, was struggling to get a grip. Her head was almost loose, but she continued to fight despite being relentlessly cut up by the monsters.

She moaned in agony at their onslaught. Delilah was too busy summoning her own monsters to fight the nightmares. Rabbit noticed that her power was dwindling.

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