Filii tenebris
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Filii tenebris

A loud bang filled the air as a darkened shape flew backwards crashing into a wall. Quick even steps followed after as boots crunched the gravel that lay underfoot.

When the dark figure tried to get up it was met with a foot to the chest and a gun on either side of it’s head.

“You’re late.” drawled the first man as he walked towards the fallen creature.

“You can thank your sister for that.” groused the second man, pressing harsher as the creature made to get up.

“A girl’s gotta look her best.” purred the woman. The first man locked his icy blue eyes on the blackened creature.

“Oh stop sulking Lenny. I wouldn’t have taken my time if I didn’t know you could handle it.” the woman chided, earning that cold glare on her.

Len stared at her for a moment before returning his gaze to the creature.

“Where are the children?” Len demanded, leaning so his face neared the twisted face of nightmares before him. It hissed, dark eyes flashing as it’s yellowed fangs dripped.

Unimpressed Len moved back.

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