Fighting for Mike
Fighting for Mike joe is mike's dad stories

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Fighting for Mike

Roderick is driving back to the station when he gets a call.

"Sheriff speaking."

"Roderick, I need you to perform a feat I know you are capable of performing."

"Anything for you, Joe."

"I know you are on your way to gather intel and offer misdirect to our FBI friends, but if Agent Weston should happen to arrive, could you discreetly encumber him and bring him to the manor?"

The blonde frowns, "That would be a security risk, Joe. I don't think this is the best time to be kidnapping agents."

"Let me worry about the risks, Roderick," his mentor chuckles slightly over the line, only adding to his worry. "It is important for me to speak with the lad.

So if you would find it within your power to bring him to me, I would be immensely grateful."

Roderick goes silent, thinking over all the things that could go wrong if he were to do as the man asked.

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