Fighting Crime, Spinning Webs
Fighting Crime, Spinning Webs peter parker/gwen stacy stories

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Fighting Crime, Spinning Webs

The man behind the counter gave him a dry stare. “Kid, look, I'm not stupid. I know what's going on here.”

The kid shifted in place, pulling his hoodie tighter over his face. “What are you talking about? Nothing's going on here. I just want to buy this stuff.” He held out the bag in his hand.

“Yeah,” said the man – “Bruce,” according to his name tag. “And you've wanted to buy that stuff every time you've come in here since last summer.

The exact same chemicals in the exact same quantities every single freakin' time.” He leaned in closer, eyes narrowing.

“The only thing I don't get is what kind of drugs you could possibly be making that need

The boy looked at the sack resting by his foot. “Uh, no, it's nothing like that!” he said quickly. “See, I, uh, I'm a science geek, and I use the chemicals and stuff for a...

a science fair project!”

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